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In 2005, Final Fantasy IV saw it's best release to date on the Game Boy Advance. The translation in this latest port was the truest to the original. Though things like Edward not being called "Gilbert" and Tellah's now infamous "you Spoony Bard!" line were kept the same. The entire intro was corrected making the attack on mysdia seem like a flashback, which is how it is supposed to be.
The challenge of the game is set to hard type, and the battles are a bit more difficult than the Ps1 release. The treatment of the music is very nice, though with the GBA it is hard to get the full emotion of the music. There are also several new features in the game. Some being as small as the re-done character images that appear in the dialog boxes, to the two new dungeons filled with several new bosses. These new dungeons will literally add hours to the game, and present some of the best challenges to the GBA ports to date. If there was a version to pick up, this would be the one.

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In 2007, it was announced that Final Fantasy IV would be following suit with Final Fantasy III DS. For Square's 20th anniversary, Final Fantasy IV is being completely re-done in 3-D graphics. According to the latest information, there will be new story sections added that were originally dropped from the title. There was also hint of a new bonus area to explore, as well as the return of the Lunar Ruins and Cave of Trials. Once more information becomes available, it will be placed here.

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