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On a forgotten page of eternity
There lies a land, embrased by mighty Gods

final fantasy xiv screenshotIt has been confirmed at E3, that Final Fantasy XIV will be released sometime in 2010. It is not known whether or not this is a Japan only release date, but it has been confirmed to be an Online only game, similar to XI.
There is little to no details about the game at this time, but there is a small trailer (below) for the game already. As more information becomes available, I will update this section.
Final Fantasy XIV is reality folks. Are you ready for the next title?
The story will take place on a planet by the name of Eorzea. It is not known at this time what the plot is, or the gameplay. But the graphics do look great, and the game is already getting some excitement from people on the net. Hopefully with the long delay of XIII, they can have redemption by having the next two titles in the series released close together.

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