Final Fantasy Advance

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Clothing 8 Ordinary clothing
Black Robe 25000 Casts Blizzara as an item
White Robe 25000 Casts Invisira as an item
Leather Armor 40 Plain leather armor
Chain Mail 65 Made of steel rings
Iron Armor 640 Made of hammered steel
Knight's Armor 36000 Strongest steel armor
Mythril Mail 6000 Made of Mythril silver
Flame Mail - Made with fire essence
Ice Armor - Made with ice essence
Diamond Armor - Made of pure diamonds
Dragon Mail - Made of dragon scales
Copper Armlet 800 Made of hammered copper
Silver Armlet 4000 Made of sterling silver
Ruby Armlet 40000 Decorated with large gems
Diamond Armlet - Embedded with large diamonds
Bard's Tunic - A light, loose-fitting tunic
Black Garb - Light, durable suit from a distant land
Crystal mail - Mail of crystal, crafted long ago
Gaia gear - A robe instilled with earth's grace
Genji Armor - Heavy armor, crafted in a distant land
Kenpogi - An outfit favored by martial artists
Knight's Armor 36000 Armor crafted from steel plates
Light Robe - A robe imbued with the power of light
Red jacket - A jacket that protects against flames
Sage's Surplice - A robe that enhances intelligence
Thief's Armlet - An armlet that enhances agility
Power Sash - A sash woven with a unique thread
Survival Vest - A vest that musters strength
Leather Cap 65 Cap made of leather
Helmet 80 Standard helmet
Great Helmet 360 Completely protects head
Mythril Helmet 2000 Made of Mythril silver
Healing Helmet - Casts Heal as an item
Diamond Helmet - Imbeded with diamonds
Ribbon - May protect from special attacks
Black Cowl - Black hood from a distant land
Crystal Helmet - A helmet of crystal, crafted long ago
Feathered Cap - A light cap woven of silk
Genji Helmet - A heavy helmet, crafted in a distant land
Red cap - A cap that awakens latent abilities
Sage's Mitre 45200 A hat made of enchanted cloth
Twist Headband - A headband favored by martial artists
Wizard's Hat - A traditional hat, brimming with magic
Tiger Mask - A light mask made in a tigers likeness
Shadow mask - A mask that is a testament to darkness
Leather Gloves 50 Basic leather gloves
Bronze Gloves 160 Gloves made of bronze
Steel Gloves 600 Hammered steel gloves
Mythril Gloves 2000 Made of Mythril silver
Protect Ring 16000 Defends vs instant death
Diamond Gloves - Gloves with diamond plating
Gauntlets - Casts Thundara as an item
Giant's Gloves - Casts Saber as an item
Angel's Ring - Ring fashioned after an angel's feather
Crystal Gloves - Gloves of crystal, crafted long ago
Genji Gloves - Heavy gloves, crafted in a distant land
Thief's gloves - Gloves that enhance agility
Crystal Ring - Gloves that enhance agility
Leather Shield 12 Shield made of leather
Iron Shield 80 Shield made fo iron
Buckler 2000 Small, easy to handle shield
Mythril Shield 2000 Made of Mythril silver
Flame Shield - Made with fire essence
Ice Shield - Made with ice essence
Diamond Shield - Shield made of diamonds
Aegis Shield - Protects vs petrification
Crystal Shield - A shield of crystal, crafted long ago.
Elven Cloak 55800 A cloak enchanted with elven magic.
Genji Shield - Heavy shield crafted in a distant land.
Hero's Shield - Shield that wards off status ailments
Protect Cloak 20000 A large cloak worn over armor
Zephyr Cape - A cape alive with the spirit of the wind
Master Shield - A shield once held by a great hero

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