Final Fantasy Advance

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Earthgift Shrine
Hellfire Chasm
Lifespring Grotto
Whisperwind Cove

There are four new areas to explore in Final Fantasy Advance. Each new area is unlocked by defeating one of the four fiends.
Lich-Earthgift Shrine
Marilith-Hellfire Chasm
Kraken-Lifespring Grotto
Tiamat-Whisperwind Cove
Each new area is host to multiple new enemies, and four new bosses for each area. Some might recognize the bosses from Other Old-School Final fantasy titles. The first area has bosses from III, the second has bosses from IV, the third from V, and the last from VI. These can be some brutal bosses, even in high levels.
There is also a vast amount of new areas and maps to explore. None of the sections have an order in which they will appear. Each new map is random, as is the location you will appear in the map. There are also random chests with random items in them. The chests do reappear each time you visit. (which you can go through any of the areas, and fight the bosses an unlimited amount of times.)
In this section, I will do my very best to get you through each area. I will eventually provide the contents of the chests found, and what is needed to get the best items.
Before you begin, you might want to go after the Masamune from the final dungeon, and Excalibur. This should place your level in the 50's or higher.
*Note* Almost all maps can be clicked for a larger, more detailed image. I would place them in full view, but these are the largest maps I have had to create.

A quick cheat

Believe it or not, you should go through the Whisperwind Cove first. Fight until you get to Orthros. Do this up to four times. He drops a Rune Staff, which casts Healra as an item. With four of these in tow, you can easily survive any other fight.

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